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  • A campervan solar panel kit with panels, charge controller, cables, connectors, and various installation components.
  • A detailed installation guide and wiring diagrams for a Full campervan electrical kit with 500VA inverter‚ 280W solar‚ B2B & batteries, complete with technical illustrations.
  • A rectangular Victron 175W Solar Panel - Monocrystalline Panel features a grid pattern of dark blue solar cells set against a white background.
  • Victron MPPT 150/35 - SmartSolar Charge Controller - Tr
  • 525W Solar Panel Kit - 3x 175W dimensions

555W Solar Panel Kit – Includes Victron MPPT & 3x 185W Rigid Panels

From £683.16

This 12V 555W solar panel kit includes everything you need to wire a 555W solar panel and 150/35 MPPT charge controller as part of your 12V campervan electrical system. It includes:

Choose between:

  • 3x 185W Victron solar panels (148.5 × 66.8 × 3 cm)
  • 3x 160W Monocrystaline solar panels (148 × 67 × 3.5 cm)

Also included:

  • 150/35 MPPT charge controller (choose smart or non-smart)
  • Solar cable to connect solar panels to charge controller (choose the distance between your solar panels & charge controller)
  • Solar panel brackets (choose screwed or glued)
  • Required DC cable, cable lugs & fuses
  • Isolator switch
  • Double-entry cable seal

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From £683.16

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£6.83 of this purchase goes to planting trees and advancing access to solar energy 🌱
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    555W Solar Panel Kit – Includes Victron MPPT, 3 x 185W Victron Solar Panel & all required components

    This 12V 555W solar panel kit includes everything you need to wire a 555W solar array and a 150/35 MPPT charge controller as part of your campervan electrical system. It includes:

    Choose from:

    Also included:

    Plus, pick from the following variables:

    555W solar panel kit

    Our solar panel kits include everything you need to connect a solar array to your electrical system. All cabling, fuses, cable lugs, etc. are included, as well as a number of optional extras to enhance the system.

    This kit includes three of the Victron 185W solar panel. This is a monocrystalline solar panel with a Voc of 23.7V and an Isc of 9.89A. Note that this Voc will double when these panels are wired in series, as instructed in the attached wiring diagram. This higher Voc will make charging on cloudy days or during winter much more viable. Find out more on our solar panel guidebook page.

    The 100/30 charge controller is suitable for the supplied solar panels. You can pick from the SmartSolar or the BlueSolar (non-smart) version.

    The DC cable gauge is specced on the distance between the charge controller and your busbars being no longer than 1.5m each way (3m ‘there and back again’ length). If your charge controller will be further away than this, please contact us via the ‘modify this kit’ section above so we can provide a system proposal with the correct cable gauge.

    We include a PV isolator switch in every kit. This allows you to easily isolate the subsystem from the rest of your electrical system.

    We include a Scanstrut horizontal double-entry cable seal with each kit. Scanstrut make rugged and weatherproof entry glands which provide a sealed and secure entry point into your van for the solar panel cables.

    We use Victron solar cable to connect the solar panels to the charge controller. Select the distance between your solar panels and charge controller, and we will supply a cable twice as long. This is then cut in half to create 2x cables with an MC4 connector at one end and wire at the other end.

    Select from either glued or screwed solar panel brackets, and we’ll include the correct quantity for the solar panels in the kit. If you select screwed brackets, we’ll include well nuts to form a watertight connection. The well nut included is an M5 well nut, provided with a rubber washer and a BZP 25mm allan bolt.

    Wiring diagram & installation guidance

    All of our kits are supplied with a subsystem wiring diagram and installation guidance. This includes information on setting up the charge controller correctly using the rotary switch and the VictronConnect app (if a SmartSolar charge controller is selected). So, you can install your system easily and be confident it’s installed correctly. If you need any support during the installation, contact us and we can provide additional support.

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    555W solar array – use case

    A 525W solar array is suitable for a medium-sized off-grid electrical system, such as in a campervan with medium power usage. For example, a 555W solar array would fully recharge a 375Ah AGM battery bank (3 x 125Ah batteries) from 20%-100% in ~11 hours on a sunny summer’s day.

    Products that give back

    We are members of 1% for the Planet. This means that for every product purchased from Nohma, we will give 1% of the total cost to The Honnold Foundation, who provide solar power to underprivileged communities. If you want your electrical system to have more of a positive impact, purchase your components from Nohma. So, you can give back as well as powering your off-grid system.

    Weight 11 kg
    Dimensions 148.5 × 66.8 × 3 cm
    Solar panels

    3x 185W Victron monocrystalline panel, 3x 160W monocrystalline panel




    Victron Energy

    Solar array size (W)


    Cell type


    Solar panel type


    Solar panel colour


    Junction box position


    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)


    Short circuit current (Isc)


    Maximum power voltage (Vmpp)


    Maximum power current (Impp)



    5 years

    Product or kit


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