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  • ja solar 375w solar panel

JA Solar 375W Solar Panel – Monocrystalline Panel

  • 375W solar panel
  • 12 year warranty
  • 25 year linear power output guarantee
  • Comprehensive certificates for UK, EU, and US markets
  • High-efficiency multi-busbar PERC cells maximise efficiency and guarantee high open circuit voltage

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£2.05 of this purchase goes to planting trees and advancing access to solar energy 🌱
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    JA Solar 375W Solar Panel – Monocrystalline Panel – JAM60S21-375/MR

    JA Solar has been leading the market in high-performance solar panels since 2005. Their panels are used in huge numbers in residential, commercial, and municipal power generation projects all over the world. This JA Solar 375W Solar Panel is a large single panel, so it’s perfect for higher capacity electrical systems in vans, boats, and off-grid houses. The panel is pre-wired with MC4 connectors, and the sturdy aluminium frame is easily compatible with a variety of mounting systems.

    High tech and high performance

    The JA Solar 375W solar panel is the culmination of intense R&D from a manufacturer with years of expertise behind them. Assembled with high efficiency PERC cells, the half cell configuration of the modules in the panel offers the following advantages:

    • higher power output
    • better temperature dependent performance
    • reduced shading effect on energy generation
    • lower risk of hot spots
    • enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading

    The cells are monocrystalline, i.e. they have been cut from a single sheet of silicon. This uniformity greatly contributes to their superior efficiency.

    PERC Cells

    PERC technology is new on the market; it only emerged in 2018. The JA Solar 375W solar panel incorporates this cutting-edge tech. Thus, you won’t find a panel construction with a higher solar power conversion efficiency on the market today. An extra layer at the back of the cell means PERC technology improves light capture, optimises electron capture, and reduces heat generation.

    High open circuit voltage for charging on cloudy days

    As detailed on our solar panel guidebook page, open circuit voltage (Voc) is an important and oft-overlooked factor. Most AGM or lithium leisure batteries require a Voc of around 14V. Voc drops by the same percentage as solar power generation performance. Thus, if your panels are only working at 50% of their capacity (on a cloudy day, for example), this correspondingly cuts your Voc by 50%. This JA Solar 375w solar panel has a high Voc of 41.45V, so your batteries will charge effectively even at a lower performance threshold. Winter or summer, rain or shine, it’ll be one less thing to think about.

    Solar panel mounting options

    Depending on your application, the JA Solar 375w solar panels can be mounted in a number of ways. If you have a roof rack you can mount directly to this. Otherwise, you can use mounting brackets to attach your solar panels to the roof of your campervan.

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    Products that give back

    We are members of 1% for the Planet. This means that for every product purchased from Nohma, we will give 1% of the total cost to The Honnold Foundation, to provide solar power to underprivileged communities. If you want your electrical system to have more of a positive impact, purchasing your components from us at Nohma will mean you can give back as well as powering your off-grid system.

    Product SKU: JAM60S21-375/MR

    Weight 20.2 kg
    Dimensions 176.9 × 105.2 × 3.5 cm

    JA Solar


    12 years

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