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Kaegh, Off-Grid Engineer

Kaegh, (rhymes with sky!) is an architect and designer, has lived off-grid in self-built vans and houses all across the world. His practical experience and technical expertise make him the perfect for our nomadic team.

Growing up between Colombia and England, Kaegh learned from a young age that variety was the spice of life. His childhood was spent between his parent’s mountain farm and the sprawling city of Bogotá. But he always felt himself innately drawn to and most comfortable in nature. He later moved to the English countryside, where he loved going on walks along rivers and rambling through fields.

Kaegh has always been curious and creative, happy painting and drawing as well as building computers and fixing bikes. This fascination with art and technology led him to study Architecture in the UK and the Netherlands. Here he developed a love for small and mobile architecture, building a trolley sound system and a bike kitchen in his spare time.

He went on to work as an Architect in Paris, Berlin and finally became project leader for an architecture office in Amsterdam. Here he worked on various exciting projects, most notably the conversion of abandoned bridge operators houses in Amsterdam into tiny, self-contained hotel rooms.

After a couple of years of working mainly behind a computer, his wanderlust led him to renovate a delivery van with his girlfriend into a tiny house on wheels. The DIY conversion was done during weekends and was built using almost entirely recycled materials. He left his job and spent 6 months travelling around Europe and Morocco, living and camping off-grid in beautiful locations and volunteering at various interesting and inspiring projects along the way.

Upon returning from the trip, he worked as a freelance carpenter and architect, honing his skills as a jack of all trades – with the aim of finally settling somewhere to continue exploring the off-grid lifestyle.

In 2019, Kaegh, his girlfriend and their 3 cats moved to Portugal and found an idyllic spot in a little valley in the mountains. Here they set up a tiny glamping retreat. The project is fully off the grid, with solar panels and a water wheel for electricity, fresh spring drinking water and hand-build yurts and composting toilets for guests.

Living an off-grid life has been an education in being more self-sufficient and adaptive. Solving problems constantly, these are challenges that are exciting and rewarding (most of the time!). It also has instilled a general sense of accomplishment and resilience. Being content with less and spending more time on the things that matter.

It feels great to be part of the team at Nohma. Everyone is striving to live interesting and exciting lives and as a team we have a shared wealth of knowledge and experience. It’s rewarding to help our customers create their projects and fulfil their dreams of taking the road less travelled!

Kaegh Allen, Engineer

Kaegh loves working with his hands. Making furniture, turning bowls, planting veggies and cooking up delicious feasts. He also enjoys exploring the natural world. Running in the mountains, swimming in streams and being content with the simple pleasures of life.

He speaks 5 languages and appreciates learning about and from other cultures – especially through foods and flavours!. Kaegh is an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation and is always on the lookout for good books and movies. You can often find him eyes closed, enjoying the sun or cozying up by the fire with a good story.

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