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Fogstar are the UK’s leading lithium battery manufacturer. Their range of Drift LiFePO4 leisure batteries are practically unbeatable on price and functionality.

Why Fogstar?

Fogstar are the UK’s leading lithium battery retailer. We believe they offer the best balance of performance and affordability. So, that’s why we include Fogstar batteries in all of our Nohma electrical systems.

Bluetooth Drift app

All Drift leisure batteries have Bluetooth by standard. So, you can connect to your battery via your smartphone. Then, simply monitor your battery’s performance and state of charge via the Drift app. This means you don’t need to include an additional battery monitor in your system.

Plug and play Victron integration

The Drift PRO batteries feature a plug and play integration with Victron products. So, if you have a Cerbo GX in your system, simply connect it to your battery’s CAN comms port using an RJ45 cable.

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Drift or Drift PRO?

Fogstar have just released a new version of their popular Drift battery – the Drift PRO. But do you need the upgrade? Find out the differences between the two options below.

Fogstar Drift

The Drift are Fogstar’s original lithium leisure battery. They feature:

  • 200A max discharge current
  • Grade A EVE cells
  • Built-in heater
  • Built-in BMS & app
  • 10 year warranty
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Fogstar Drift PRO

The Drift PRO are the next level in LiFePO4 battery technology. On top of all of the features of the Drift, they also boast:

  • 300A max discharge current
  • ‘Plug and play’ integration with Victron products (via a CAN port)
  • Serviceable metal case
  • 2A Active Balancer (increases lifespan & usable capacity)
Shop Fogstar Drift PRO

We recommend the Drift PRO, due to its increased lifespan and usable capacity. Additionally, for anyone with a total power draw over 200A, the Drift PRO is the logical choice. It is possible to connect two Drift’s in parallel to double the max discharge current. However, with the Drift PRO, you’ll be able to save vital space with a single battery capable of delivering a higher discharge current.

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Electrical system kits

Want to include these batteries in your electrical system but not sure what else you need? Our Fogstar battery kits include everything you need to install a battery subsystem in your electrical system. Alternatively, we also have full system kits which include the Drift batteries.