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Choose your own adventure with a bespoke electrical system, designed by our team of expert engineers, for free ✨

Start saving your time
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…and your money
in the bank πŸ’°

That’s what a Nohma customer saves on average.

One of our experts, Adam πŸ‘‹

We guarantee to price match all major components, so you know you won’t pay any extra using Nohma. Guaranteed savings πŸ’₯

Electrics are complicated.
We make it simple.

πŸ“¦ Every single component shipped to your door

πŸ“Š Bespoke wiring diagram & installation guide

πŸ’¬ Ongoing support throughout the install

The only thing keeping you up at night should be your view of the stars ⭐ Our systems are designed to NFPA 70.

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Follow your bespoke wiring diagram to install your system.

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Why use Nohma?

Without help, 99.4% of people will get their electrical system wrong†. Our clever software uses 200+ calculations & parameters to design your system, so you can leave the electrics to the experts.

†Results from our Nohma electrical system survey. Discover more.

Systems designed by engineers, not salesmen. Qualified electrical experts.
Bespoke wiring diagram for your system and expert technical support.

Dispatched from our network of US distribution hubs πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

We dispatch your order from our nearest distribution hub to your delivery address. We don’t charge sales tax, which combined with our price guarantee means we provide the best possible value πŸ’ͺ

Our team of English and Spanish-speaking engineers work across the world from campervans and off-grid houses, using the very systems they design to help with your own system. So, we can provide near 24/7 support if you need a hand.

We work with…

Quality doesn’t need to cost the earth 🌎

Check out some example system costs – delivery & expertise on us.

Power Upspark



Power low-wattage mains appliances off-grid with a small-but-mighty system ft. a small lithium battery, solar panel and B2B.




Spend your time fully off-grid with a mid-size inverter, a larger solar array and B2B, and a mid-size lithium battery.




Split your time on and off-grid with a mid-size inverter and lithium battery bank. Recharge from hook-up, solar and B2B.




Go off-grid for longer using high-wattage appliances with a large inverter, shore power, solar array, multiple B2Bs and lithium batteries.

See our systems πŸ‘€

Beth & Jake’s Luton

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John Stuckey’s Fiat Ducato

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Bobby Bolton’s Man TG

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We can power up your…

Your adventures are our passion.
Lake District, United Kingdom

We’re miles better…15 times better!

According to Moz, is 15x more trusted and authoritative than any other system designer*. But it’s not just the internet that loves us – so do our customers.

*When comparing Domain Authority on Moz in the industry.

4.8 out of 1419 reviews
across all platforms πŸ’ͺ

So, watt’s next?

Pun intended πŸ˜‚

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Energise your project on a call with one of our expert engineers.

A Nohma electrical system provides power for good.

Alex Honnold, pro climber & van lifer

1% of Nohma’s revenue goes towards supporting the Honnold Foundation to improve access to renewable energy for marginalised communities. You can find out more about our work with the Honnold Foundation and 1% for the Planet on our sustainability page.

Not to mention, our business runs exclusively from renewable energy β˜€οΈ