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PV Logic

PV Logic are a range of solar panels and accessories produced by Solar Technology. They produce rigid, flexible, and portable solar panels. So, whether you’re converting a campervan or working on a boat, there are plenty of options to choose from.

PV Logic solar panels

PV Logic is a range of premium solar panels manufactured by UK-based Solar Technology. Founded in 2000, Solar Technology are a solar industry leader. They develop forward-thinking, relevant, and market-savvy gear which is ahead of the competition and stays relevant into the future.

Furthermore, all PV Logic solar panels benefit from Solar Technology’s strong focus on research and development. Therefore, the resulting technology is present in all of their products – their panels work right from the get go.

PV Logic perform high levels of quality control and testing on all their products. So, this ensures all of their panels can withstand salt water, frost, harsh sun, hail, dust, sand, and temperature extremes from -40°C to +80°C. As a result, this makes them suitable for a number of applications, such as boats, campervans, and off-grid properties.

All PV Logic solar panels have a 10 year warranty. So, you can be confident their solar panels will perform well over time. They produce rigid, flexible, and foldable panels, from as small as 5W to as large as 200W. So whatever your application, you should be able to find a suitable option.

PV Logic rigid solar panels

PV Logic offer rigid panels in a range of sizes from 5W to 200W. All of their rigid panels contain monocrystalline cells. These guarantee high performance, even in reduced sunlight. Additionally, each panel is framed in corrosion resistant aluminium, and the panel as a whole is guaranteed to work in an extremely wide range of environments. We stock a range of PV Logic rigid solar panels, sized for keeping the leisure batteries in your campervan or boat topped up and ready for action.

PV Logic also produce ‘mono high density’ (MHD) solar panels in select sizes. The construction of MHD panels makes them 20% smaller and lighter than an equivalent traditional panel. In addition, the more compact, lower profile frame allows these panels to more closely hug the roof line. They also have a sleek, uniform black finish, making them a visually attractive option.

PV Logic flexi solar panels

The PV Logic flexi solar panel range is ideal for curved roofs and situations where an extremely low profile is desired. These panels are versatile and long-lasting, and are commonly found weathering the tough conditions encountered in marine applications.

Each PV Logic flexi solar panel sports a textured ETFE top surface. This shell material is ‘self-healing’. As a result, it will shrug off abrasions from branches, ropes, and even from being walked upon. Additionally, the panels are completely waterproof and have been factory tested for 1,000 hours with salt spray and heavy UV light. They are thoughtfully designed to have no sharp corners or edges, removing any risk of snagging or catching.

The low impact design can be enhanced by an optional rear cable exit, allowing the panel to sit completely flush. These specialised features are always combined with the same quality construction and high performance found in all of PV Logic’s solar panels.

PV Logic fold-up solar panels

For those who lack the roof space for a fixed panel, PV Logic also make a range of fold-up, portable solar panels. They are a quick and simple solution for producing power on the move. Each portable solar panel kit incorporates a charge controller which can connect directly to your leisure battery.

These portable panels use the same compact construction as their flexi solar panel range, meaning they pack neatly into a carry case that fits on a bookshelf (each one is just 4cm thick). When you’ve parked or moored up, the panel unfolds and rests on its stand at the optimum angle for solar power generation.

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PV Logic solar panel mounting brackets

As well as making solar panels, PV Logic make excellent mounting brackets which work for virtually any rigid solar panel. There’s a huge range of mounting brackets on the market, and we’ve experimented with a few different kinds and manufacturers. In the end, their brackets best matched our need for simplicity, durability, ease of installation, and strength of hold. That’s why their solar panel mounting brackets have become our preferred option for mounting panels. Consequently, it’s these brackets you’ll find in our webshop.

Note that you don’t need mounting brackets for flexible solar panels, as these are affixed directly to the mounting surface with adhesive.

Drill-free solar panel mounting brackets

These adhesive mounting brackets form a strong, chemical bond with your mounting surface and are a great drill-free option for securing your solar panels. They work perfectly on any smooth, regular surface.

The kit comes with the fixings that mate the brackets to your solar panels, and you’ll then need to fix the brackets themselves to your roof with a strong adhesive. 

In our shop, you can choose how many corner and side brackets you need, depending on the size of your solar panel.

Drilled solar panel mounting brackets

These aluminium mounting brackets provide a mechanical, screwed fixing to your roof, and are perfect for irregular surfaces. The kit comes with bolts and washers, and again should be paired with a strong, waterproof sealant. There’s no need to feel daunted by the idea of drilling holes in your roof! Having tested a few different styles of drilled mounting brackets, we’ve found these ones to be very easy to install.

In our shop, you can choose the number of these brackets that you’ll need, based on the size of your solar panel.