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Campervan leisure battery kits

Leisure batteries are the core of your campervan electrical system, storing the power that you use to run your appliances and devices. Our campervan leisure battery kits contain everything you need to fully install leisure batteries and battery monitoring within your campervan electrical system.

Our campervan leisure battery kits

We have a range of campervan leisure battery kits available. These include either AGM or LiFePO4 (lithium) leisure batteries. Additionally, they include a battery monitor and busbars. Below we explain exactly what’s included in our kits, the difference between them, and how to decide which one is right for you. Alternatively, you can browse all of our available kits here.

Campervan leisure battery kits

A leisure battery bank is the core of your campervan’s electrical system. Leisure batteries store the electricity that’s generated by battery to battery chargers, solar panels, or which comes in from the mains. You can then use this stored power to run your appliances and devices when you’re out and about.

Our leisure battery kits include either AGM batteries or LiFePO4 (lithium) batteries, and a battery monitoring device (either a SmartShunt or BMV). For any kits including Fogstar Drift batteries, we don’t include a battery monitor by default, as they have a built-in app.

Additionally, all battery kits include everything you need to install a battery bank as part of your campervan electrical system. So, as well as the batteries and monitoring components, it all contains busbars, and all cables, lugs, fuses and fuse holders required. Simply select the battery bank you require, and then choose any variables such as battery monitior and fuse size.

Not only that, but all of our kits come with a free sub-system wiring diagram and installation guide. This explains exactly how to connect all the components, as well as how to correctly configure the settings. So, you can be confident in installing your system yourself.

Ready-to-go battery kits Designed by experts 🔧

Our kits are designed by engineers to be safe and robust. Plus – when you purchase, we’ll send you a free wiring diagram and installation guide.

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What size battery bank do I need?

When calculating what size battery bank you need for your campervan, there are several factors to consider. Your daily power consumption and the time you want to spend off-grid are the main factors which determine your battery bank size. How often you’ll use your campervan are another important factor – will you be away on weekend trips, longer holidays, or living in your van full time? The size of your solar array will also determine the capacity of a battery bank that you could reasonably keep charged. Our article explaining campervan leisure batteries features a more in-depth guide on sizing your battery bank.

What type of leisure battery should I use?

Another important choice is the type of battery you’ll be using. There are a number of different chemistries that batteries use to store electricity. We currently build leisure battery kits using either AGM or LiFePO4 (lithium) batteries.

The choice between AGM and lithium depends on your use case and budget. Lithium batteries can be much more deeply discharged than AGM, giving you a greater useable capacity for the overall size of the battery. They also have a much longer overall lifespan – on the scale of thousands of charge-discharge cycles, compared to hundreds for AGM. These benefits, however, come with a much higher upfront cost. In addition, lithium batteries are much more affected by cold temperatures than AGM. 

Each battery type has its pros and cons, and ultimately whichever one is best for you comes down to your specific use case. You can read more about lithium vs. AGM and other battery types in our deep-dive article on the subject

Once you’re confident what size and type of battery you need, you can browse our kits below. We have different options based on battery bank size, busbar size (determined by the overall capacity of your system), and brand.

Browse all AGM leisure battery kits

Browse all lithium leisure battery kits

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What does a campervan leisure battery kit typically include?

Our kits include every single component you need to fully install the battery subsystem within your campervan electrical system. So, as well as the main components, all cable, lugs, fuses, etc. are included.

There are some variables to choose from on our kits. For example, if you will connect to busbars or a Lynx Distributor, or which battery monitoring technology you choose. As a result, there may be some variation versus what you see below. However, this should give you a good idea of what’s included in each kit.

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