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C-Line Sockets

C-Line sockets and switches are a range of modular sockets, specifically designed for campervans. Pick from single, double or triple socket facias. Then, select the required socket or switch for your own needs.

C-Line sockets and switches

C-Line sockets are specially designed for campervans to provide you with a reliable, safe, and durable source of power on your adventures. Whether you need to charge your phone, turn on your lights, or even power a hairdryer, C-Line sockets have got you covered.

C-Line sockets are easy to install and are designed to be mounted in the wall of your campervan. This ensures a clean and neat look, while also providing a secure and stable connection for your electrical appliances. C-Line sockets and switches are also built to last. They are made from high-quality materials and feature a dustproof design that protects them from the elements and ensures their longevity.

We offer a range of different configurations to suit your specific power needs. Our sockets can accommodate 12V DC, 240V AC power sources, or both, depending on your campervan’s electrical system. Overall, C-Line sockets for campervans are the perfect solution for any adventurer looking to stay connected and powered up on the road.

C-Line sockets

There are 4 different socket options for the C-Line sockets, for both 12V and 240V appliances. Mix and match to create the perfect combination for your campervan.

13 amp socket

This mains UK plug socket rated to 13A is suitable for powering any 240V appliances. Simply plug your appliance into the C-Line 13 amp socket, and it will be powered from your inverter or shore power connection.

Twin USB socket

The C-Line twin USB socket allows you to recharge any 12V appliances. Two USB ports, both rated to 5V and 2.1A, accept any standard USB cable. These can be connected via your 12V fuse board.

USB-C + USB socket

This C-Line socket combines an 18W USB-C socket with a 2.4A USB socket. So, you can recharge two 12V appliances at the same time. This can be connected via your 12V fuse board.

12V cigarette lighter socket

A cigarette lighter port allows you to power any 12V appliances with a car lighter socket on them. These are commonly found on portable coolers and appliances such as compressors.

C-Line switches

There are 3 different switch options for your C-Line sockets, allowing you to control the lighting in your campervan.

Single rocker switch

The C-Line single rocker switch can be used as a light switch. Simply connect your light via this switch, and use it to control the lights within your campervan electrical system.

Double rocker switch

The C-Line double rocker switch allows you to control 2 light strings from a single C-Line socket space. Connect both sets of lights to the switches, and you can control everything from a single place.

Dimmer switch for 12V LEDs

This dimmer switch is meant for 12V LEDs. If you have purchased dimmable LEDs, you can connect them to this C-Line dimmer switch. So, at the touch of a button, you can dim the lights in your van.