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Bear Hug Campers

John set up Bear Hug Campers at the start of 2022 and has been busy crafting campers ever since – it’s not hard to see why! John aims to make campervans that look and feel like they’ve been designed by an interior designer, and made by a professional carpenter. Mission accomplished!

Why did you decide to start converting vans?

I started Bear Hug Campers (@bearhugcampers on Instagram) because I’m a jack of all trades – with previous jobs in design, events, motorbike building and photography. I always thought this wasn’t very focused, but with campervan building, it’s really useful to pull from all that experience. One day I’m a plumber, the next a metalworker, and then a cabinet maker. I roped in my partner who has a passion for interior design and is a really skilled graphic designer, and my dad who is a retired carpenter and seems to know everything there is to know about wood. Both their levels of quality control are next level, and we’re all learning off each other all the time.

How would you describe the style of your conversions?

The vans we’re building are made with custom woodwork and cabinetry to very high standards. Every piece is designed, cut and finished so it gives that satisfied “ahh” when you slot it into place. We’re offering custom builds leaning towards two styles: modern-vintage and Scandi.

For modern-vintage, think shaker cupboards, natural wood, oak worktops, classic colours and a copper sink. For Scandi, think lots of exposed ply edges, inset doors, cutout handles and solid block colours. The base workings of the vans are all very similar. They all use the industry-standard parts and components that make van life as luxurious as it can be with hot water, heating, a shower room, and of course, a top-notch off-grid electrical system!

Tell us more about your own camper?

I’ll be able to finish a van for me personally as soon as there is space in our build calendar. When that day comes, it’s going to be a little bit different to our usual builds. Think desert racer adventure truck meets Scandi minimalist cafe! If we can make that work then maybe we’re onto something.

How has Nohma helped you?

I would say my electrical knowledge is a good, but specific to what I need to know. I’ve designed and wired up countless vehicles and am very used to the practical aspect of it. What I really love about Nohma is that they are specialists. We have customers who are all asking for slightly different electric setups and designs, and when I get the system through Nohma I just know it’s all going to work together as it should. That means I can pass that confidence in the reliability of the system onto the customer. It’s one less thing to worry about in a sea of a thousand worries when building a camper!

When it comes to electrical systems, don’t mess about, get a specialist on the case. The internet tells you ten ways to do something but these guys know their stuff and do it right!

John Stuckey, Bear Hug Campers

Components used in John’s electrical system ⚡

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