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Pete Hudson

Pete and his partner wanted to spend more time off-grid in their new Dreamer D68 Motorhome, but the factory supplied electrical system wasn’t up to scratch. With the help of Nohma, they transformed the electrical system for off-grid adventures.

Why did you decide to upgrade your motorhome?

Having ordered a new Dreamer D68 Campervan in summer 2021 we had to wait around 18 months for it to be finally delivered due to ongoing supply problems. I stipulated no ‘extras’ on delivery as I wanted to tackle a Victron based off grid supplementary installation on it. This was to be in two stages to enable us to tour off grid indefinitely and independent of campsites for our electrical needs.

In this waiting period I read everything there is to read on Nohma’s website and digested their articles and rationales regarding different power set ups. Its important to note that I knew relatively nothing of campervan electrics installation initially although watching numerous YouTube vids (some good, some dodgy) I’d gained a good appreciation of what I wanted to achieve in the new van. I contacted Charlie via the website and sent her and the team a few in depth emails basically putting over my thoughts and ideas of what I wanted.

I’d read Nohma’s reviews and thought as a bare minimum I’d like these guys to paw over my ideas and advise me if they were electrically achievable but more importantly safe!

Well after several emails too and fro over a surprisingly short time we jointly landed on exactly what I could achieve and what items were needed for an installation in my particular van. By this I mean adapting my ‘wishlist’ component capacity wise for a balanced safe subsystem.

I was pleased to see that Charlie advised larger capacity cabling than I initially thought as their team came up with amperage calculations I hadn’t taken in to account. 

Where did you install your system?

I received all the items to do the install myself complete with very easy to follow diagrams a few days later and off I went tools in hand to adapt the existing system under the bench seat in the campervan. I’d seen numerous initial camper electrical installs that looked super but given my very limited space I new mine wouldn’t look appealing but I was only really interested in it working, being up to the job, and of course being fit for purpose.

I opted to mount the 2kVA Victron inverter under the dinette seat which although visible does not get in the way. I also installed a 230ah LifePo4 battery under the passenger seat which works beautifully.

Components used in Pete’s electrical system ⚡

What does your system upgrade allow you to achieve?

We now have the ability to live off grid indefinitely as we have 420w solar on the roof backed up by the 30A B2B and the original 40A B2B still wired independently through the Lynx Distributor. The 2kVA inverter enables my wife Nina to use her Dyson Airwrap and straighteners at will and the best bonus for us is to be able to have the slow cooker in use whilst travelling. Add to this the ‘obligatory’ Nespresso machine and our travels are so much more enjoyable now 😍

The team at Nohma are very approachable, friendly and above all professional in their advice.  This is vital if you have anxieties about tackling your own install. No matter what size of adaptation/install you are about to tackle I’d personally recommend you have them on your side from the start

Pete Hudson, Dreamer D68 Motorhome

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