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The Travelling Retreat

Annabelle Tripp from The Travelling Retreat completed her first van conversion 2 years ago, converting a minibus into a campervan. She’s been in the beauty industry for 12 years and whilst working on her first van, she decided that a mobile beauty salon would make a great, unique business.

Can you tell us about your business and why you decided to operate out of a converted van?

My van is called Meadow and the business is called The Travelling Retreat (@the_travelling_retreat on Instagram). I recently converted the van into a mobile beauty salon where I offer a range of beauty and holistic treatments. My aim is to make it easier for people to have ‘me time’ and to prioritise self care, which is so important in the fast paced environment that we all live in nowadays. Combining the convenience of being mobile with the luxury of a salon means clients can feel like they’ve had that important escape right on their doorstep. I’m really passionate about general wellness and encouraging people to improve their wellbeing and mindfulness.

Tell us about the van itself. What were you going for with the conversion?

I wanted to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere which is why I combined olive green which symbolises peace, harmony, and sophistication with peach which can symbolise vitality and energy. As well as using pale natural wood and white to create a fresh, clean look.

What were some of the problems and difficulties you faced with your electrical system during the conversion?

I was quite daunted by the scale of the electrical system that I would need for this van to be a fully functioning off grid salon. I needed quite an extensive and reliable electrical system in order for my business to be fully functioning, as I have a lot of electrical equipment that I use for treatments. My first van’s electrical system was more basic than this; because it was only for my partner and I to use for holidays, it wasn’t as crucial that it be reliable.

How has Nohma helped you?

Nohma were incredibly helpful throughout from the planning process to the installation. Throughout the build they offered help and advice and responded to any messages and questions straight away. Without them my business wouldn’t have been possible!

I’m so grateful for Nohma’s help. My new little business wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. I can’t thank you enough!

Annabelle Tripp, The Travelling Retreat

Components used in Annabelle’s electrical system ⚡

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