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Off The Beaten Path

After 5 years of dreaming, Jonas and Lore finally committed to building their hotel on wheels. The bus needed to be capable of housing 9 people for week long stays in remote mountainous areas for their adventurous trips.

Why you decided to build your own van and what are you using it for?

We are Jonas, Lore and Kyra (dog), and we run Off The Beaten Path ( on Instagram), our hotel on wheels. We had been dreaming about this project for 5 years! After having a good taste of vanlife with our own camper, it was time to share our experience and love for being on the road with others.

We found our bus at a Belgian trade market – it’s a former French school bus. The bus is a 12m long IVECO Crossway 2007, and it took us 12 months in total to convert it into a hotel on wheels.

What inspired the design of your van?

We love natural materials! We mainly build everything with Multiplex Pools Grenen, we loved the natural drawing within the wood. For the rest we loved to bring in some color. You can describe our design as Scandinavian minimalistic. For the rest, we needed to include everything to make our bus a hotel. The most essential elements for us were enough storage space, a good shower, a big water tank, and a good heating system.

The kitchen is the heart of our bus, it is actually the biggest kitchen we ever had! It includes a propane gas stove with an oven, perfect to cook meals for 9 people. Also our toilet system had to work for 9 people, so that’s why we chose for an incinerating toilet (Cinderella Travel) and we are so happy with it. No more chemical toilet waste, just some ashes!

Of course our electrical system had to work perfectly and had to work for 9 travelling people. That’s why we chose to work with Nohma!

Not only was it super useful to have the system design, but the best part for us is the after sales support. We can still rely on Nohma if we have any questions about our electrical system!

Jonas & Lore, Off The Beaten Path

Components used in Jonas & Lore’s electrical system ⚡

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