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Are you converting a campervan and feeling stuck? Whether you’re trying to design your layout, decide exactly what you need to buy to start your build, or need help with your electrical system, our van conversion resources can help.

Planning your build

Ready to take the plunge? Before committing to the adventure of a lifetime, make sure you feel prepared with our helpful articles and tools 🤓

Helpful articles

Useful tools 🔧

Try out our campervan layout configurator
Can't decide on a layout? Answer a few simple questions and our layout configurator will send you the answer ✉️
Plan your build with our van shopping list tool 🛒
Not sure where to start with shopping for your conversion? Our clever spreadsheet breaks everything down.
Electrical design service
Our team of engineers will design your perfect system, bespoke to your needs 👌

Our bestselling book

The Van Conversion Bible is the ultimate guide to planning, designing and converting a campervan. It’s more than just the story of how we built our own van Ringo, it will help you build a van bespoke to your needs. It provides definitive answers to your questions (even the ones you haven’t thought of yet!) to ensure you save time and avoid expensive mistakes.

From detailed gas, water and electrical system diagrams to a step-by-step build guide, you’ll find everything you need to start your journey inside. Whatever your skills and budget, you can learn how to build your dream campervan. Your very own home on wheels awaits…

4.9 out of 1147 reviews
across all platforms 💪

The ultimate guide to converting a campervan

The award-winning bestseller ✨

Preparing for van life

Once you’ve finished your campervan conversion, there’s a number of jobs you need to complete before you’re ready to hit the road. These articles should help ensure you feel ready for your first van life adventure 🚐

Helpful articles

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