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The Ultimate Van Conversion Survey – 2021 results

The Van Conversion Bible 2021 Van Conversion Survey

To build up a reliable source of data for our book, The Van Conversion Bible, we conducted a survey of the van conversion community. The survey asked a set of questions based on whether someone had already converted a van, or was planning to convert a van in the future, and this allowed us to separate them into two buckets: ‘van owners’ and ‘aspirational van owners’.

We asked van owners a series of questions about build cost and time, the size, make and model of the van they converted, and how people found the conversion process. We asked aspirational van owners about their current skills, as well as their concerns and their budget. 

We collected data from over 1,200 people and used this data and the insights gained from the survey throughout our book. The data was collected from 12th May – 31st December 2020, and the breakdown of respondents was:

As well as publishing some of the data in our book, we have also included some insights and findings in a series of articles on our website:

  • How long does it take to convert a campervan? – coming soon
  • What jobs to self-build van converters outsource to professionals? – coming soon
  • What do self-build van converters use their campervans for? – coming soon
  • Are self-build van converters actually happy with their campervans? – coming soon

Below you can see some examples of the data in our best selling book, The Van Conversion Bible:

If you wish to reference our data in your own publications, please get in touch.

The ultimate guide to converting a campervan

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