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The Van Conversion Bible wins Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Award 2022

Our book, The Van Conversion Bible, has won the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Award 2022 in the non-fiction category! We are so excited by this news, as we worked so hard to make The Van Conversion Bible the ultimate guide to converting a campervan.

Since releasing our book we have sold tens of thousands of copies, achieved official ‘Best Seller’ status and receiving glowing reviews worldwide.

Writer’s Digest shared the following feedback with us:

With this book you have achieved a rare feat: it is both seemingly comprehensive and yet is also never overwhelming. I do not have any personal interest in this topic, but I found it a compelling read thanks to how clearly you walk us step-by-step through each aspect of van conversion and the many ways you brought your own personalities and experiences into the book.
The section on Building is particularly effective at making the reader believe that they can indeed accomplish these things themselves. The many photographs are professionally reproduced here and serve to illustrate your points as well as, again, give the book a warm, personal touch.

Writer's Digest Judge

Throughout our own van conversion process, we found ourselves falling from pitfall to pitfall, unable to find a source of reliable, well-researched information to guide us through the conversion. Despite our technical backgrounds, we still fell foul of the ‘unknown unknowns’ – problems that come from unexpected situations you would never think to consider.

So once we finished our conversion, we spent thousands of hours researching to ensure we could write a book that was definitive and based on facts and data rather than personal opinion.

Our ‘bible’ covers the entire van conversion process, from planning and designing your van to a step-by-step build guide. Plus, it contains example system diagrams for the electrics, water and gas systems.

We have always been strong believers in being a force for good. So we plant a tree for every book we sell. Plus, we recently became members of 1% for the Planet. So 1% of our revenue goes to The Honnold Foundation, to support community organisations using solar energy to improve lives and reduce environmental impact.

It always makes us smile hearing stories and seeing photos from people who’ve used our book to make their dreams a reality. It feels incredible that we’ve managed to help so many people live life differently.

The ultimate guide to converting a campervan

The award-winning bestseller ✨

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