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  • A black, slightly curved 270W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel – Monocrystalline Panel with Rear Junction Box on a white background.
  • Close-up of a 270W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel – Monocrystalline Panel with Rear Junction Box surface, showing a grid pattern and textural details.
  • 270W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel – Monocrystalline Panel with Rear Junction Box with dimensions noted: 1562mm in height and 1020mm in width. Includes a rear junction box for easy installation.
  • Technical diagram of a battery with dimensions and labels showing polarity and connectors, integrated with a 270W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel – Monocrystalline Panel with Rear Junction Box.

270W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel – Monocrystalline Panel with Rear Junction Box

£679.99 £580.00 Save 15%

270W semi-flexible lightweight solar panel with the junction box on the back. Strong fibreglass plastic, with a special anti-reflective textured surface maximises performance in low-light & cloudy weather. Highly efficient European quality product, made in Austria.

  • 270W solar panel
  • 2 year warranty
  • High efficiency levels
  • Fully waterproof and highly durable
  • Semi-flexible, perfect for fitting onto curved surfaces

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£5.80 of this purchase goes to planting trees and advancing access to solar energy 🌱
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    This high efficiency, waterproof 270W monocrystalline solar panel is perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity for charging 12V or 24V batteries to power various applications. The panel is ideal for flat or curved roofs, such as on boats, caravans, motorhomes, RVs etc as it can easily fit to the shape of the roof when mounted. It is normally fitted to a roof using an adhesive (not included), but it can also be secured with self-tapping screws, tenax fasteners and even zipping.

    This particular model features the junction box and cables on the rear side of the panel to create a completely level surface and professional finish after installation. Please note that in order for this panel to be flush mounted, it is necessary to create a recess in the roof/surface on which the panel is to be mounted.

    Product features:

    • Special textured surface which significantly reduces the light reflection and improves performance in low light and cloudy conditions
    • Robust construction using plastic reinforced with glass fibre to create a sturdy and durable solar panel that can be walked on
    • Incredibly light (only 5.4kg) and very thin (just 2mm) which is great for motorhome and caravan roofs
    • High resistance to salt water environments and a sealed waterproof design make this solar panel ideal for boats and marine applications
    • Junction box on the back allows for a smooth and level surface, free of trip hazards and unsightly cables
    • 100% made in Austria to the highest European quality standards using Austrian and German components. IEC certified.

    The textured surface of this panel reduces the reflection of light whilst maximising the absorption of light from every possible angle. This ensures high performance in low light or cloudy conditions, or when the light falls at an angle (in the morning, evening or winter).

    The fibreglass plastic used in this solar panel is very strong and durable. When the solar panel is attached to a rigid surface, it is possible to walk on the solar panel in soft shoes (to prevent accidental scratches), which makes it a perfect choice for mounting on a boat deck.

    The solar panel is fitted with 2 x 0.9m cable (4.0mm2 cross section) with waterproof MC4 connectors which can be used for easy connectivity to your existing system, linking several panels together.

    When used in a campervan setting, we would recommend a minimum solar array of 200W. This will ensure that you are able to generate enough solar power even in winter or cloudier days. An open circuit voltage of 15V or higher is required to charge your system, so we would recommend wiring your solar panels in series to achieve a higher total system voltage.

    Solar panel mounting options

    Flexible solar panels must be mounted using silicone structural adhesive on the backside of the panel. Grommets should only to be used for non-mobile applications.

    Solar charge controllers

    Once you’ve decided on the size of your solar array, make sure you find the correct solar charge controller! You can calculate your maximum open circuit voltage by adding together the voltages of each of your panels (if wired in series). Your maximum open circuit current will remain the same (when wired in series). Victron charge controllers are sized based on these 2 numbers – e.g. the 100/30 charge controller is suitable for an open circuit voltage up to 100V and an open circuit current up to 30A. View the full range of Victron charge controllers.

    Looking for a different size solar panel?

    View our full range of solar panels, from 20W-455W, from brands such as Victron, Solar Technology and JA Solar.

    Products that give back

    We are members of 1% for the Planet. This means that for every product purchased from Nohma, 1% of the total cost will be given to The Honnold Foundation, to provide solar power to underprivileged communities. If you want your electrical system to have more of a positive impact, purchasing your components from us at Nohma will mean you can give back as well as powering your off-grid system.

    Product SKU: FLPROJBB-270M

    Weight 5.4 kg
    Dimensions 159.5 × 102 × 0.2 cm

    2 years

    Solar array size (W)


    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)


    Cell Type


    Short circuit current (Isc)


    Maximum power voltage (Vmpp)


    Maximum power current (Impp)


    Solar panel colour


    Solar panel type


    Junction box position


    Product or kit


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