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  • Bluetti AC300 + B300 - 3072Wh Expandable Power Station w. 3000W Inverter
  • Bluetti AC300 + B300 - 3072Wh Expandable Power Station w. 3000W Inverter
  • Bluetti AC300 + B300 - 3072Wh Expandable Power Station w. 3000W Inverter

Bluetti AC300 + B300 – 3072Wh Expandable Power Station w. 3000W Inverter

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The Bluetti AC300 is an expandable portable power generator that provides an all-in-one solution to an off-grid electrical system.  Featuring a 3000W inverter, an MPPT charge controller, and every output port you can think of, the Bluetti AC300 is a versatile option for off-grid power. This combo comes with a 3000Wh B300 battery module, and you can connect up to 3 more of these battery modules to increase your storage capacity.

  • 3072Wh lithium leisure battery
  • Expandable to 12,288Wh with additional battery modules
  • 3000W inverter
  • Perfect for high-wattage devices
  • MPPT charge controller lets you to charge with up to 2400W solar array
  • 3,500 full discharge cycles before battery reaches 80% of original capacity

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    Bluetti AC300 + B300 – 3072Wh Expandable Power Station w. 3000W Inverter

    The Bluetti AC300 is a portable power generator that provides an all-in-one solution to an off-grid electrical system. It features a powerful 3000W inverter and an MPPT charge controller, as well as an advanced battery management system. The AC300 power station connects to the modular B300 3072Wh expansion battery. You can connect up to 4 B300 batteries to the AC300, for a total of 12,288Wh of off-grid power.

    Expandable 3000Wh lithium leisure battery

    The Bluetti AC300 portable power generator comes with a 3072Wh lithium battery. This battery has an exceptionally long lifetime of 3,500 charge-discharge cycles. After this many full charges and discharges, the battery capacity will be reduced to ~80% of its initial total.

    A fully charged AC300 + B300 battery will:

    • Charge a laptop 30 times
    • Power a desktop PC for 18 hours
    • Power a full-size fridge for 10 hours
    • Run an air-con unit or a space heater for 3 hours

    Additionally, the AC300 can be connected to up to 4 B300 expansion batteries. With 4 B300s connected, you’ll have a battery bank with an enormous 12,288Wh capacity.

    3000W inverter

    The built-in inverter has a total continuous rating of 3000W and a surge rating of 6000W. This means you can power high wattage mains appliances with a combined wattage up to 3000W, such as desktops, air con units, space heaters, and portable induction hobs.

    Recharging methods

    The Bluetti AC300 has a built-in MPPT charge controller, meaning you can recharge the power station using a portable solar panel. It’s possible to connect up to 2400W of solar charging, which you can increase to 5400W by plugging into the mains simultaneously. (Note that this requires two B300 packs. With one B300, you are limited to mains charging at 3000W). You can also connect to a mains plug socket alone for 3000W of charging. Finally, the power bank will also charge from a 12V/24V cigarette lighter socket in your car.

    You can expect the following recharging times:

    • 2400W solar input – 1 hours 15 minutes
    • Mains plug socket – 1 hour
    • Car cigarette lighter socket – 15 hours @ 200W, 30 hours @ 100W

    Multiple output ports

    The AC300 features the following output ports:

    • 4x 12V USB-A port
    • 1x 12V USB-C port
    • 2x 12V DC outlet
    • 1x 12V car cigarette lighter socket
    • 6x 230V plug socket (up to 3000W)

    It also features a two wireless charging pad rated up to 15W, suitable for recharging newer mobile phone models.

    Built-in BMS (battery management system)

    The integrated BMS ensures the lithium battery is fully protected from over and under-voltage, short circuit and low temperatures.

    LCD screen

    An LCD display allows you to monitor the state of charge and power usage, displaying power in via charging methods and power out from appliance usage.

    Use cases

    The AC300 is suitable for off-grid applications such as campervans, overlanders, and camping trips, as well as for off-grid power in your home.

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    Product SKU: AC300

    Weight 57.7 kg
    Dimensions 52 × 32 × 624 cm


    Capacity (Wh)


    Inverter rating (VA / W)


    Inverter rating (surge)


    Battery lifecycles

    3,500 cycles to 80% capacity


    1x car socket (12V), 2x DC (12V), 4x USB-A (12V), 2x USB-C (12V), 6x mains plug socket (230V)


    4 years

    Cell chemistry

    Lithium LiFePo4

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