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  • EcoFlow Power Kits modular power solution campervans off-grid inverter MPPT lithium battery

EcoFlow Power Kit – Modular Power Solution (2-15kW)

From £4,947.00

EcoFlow Power Kits are a compact modular power solution for campervans and off-grid houses. Each Power Kit contains a 3600W inverter charger, MPPT charge controllers, an AC / DC distribution system and a modular lithium battery bank, from 2kW up to 15kW.

  • 2kW-15kW 48V lithium battery bank
  • 3600W inverter charger
  • 3x MPPT charge controllers – up to 4800W solar array
  • Choose the solar array most suitable for your requirements
  • Optional Power Kit Console to monitor power usage

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From £4,947.00

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    EcoFlow Power Kit – Modular Power Solution – from 2kW to 15kW

    The EcoFlow Power Kit is a compact modular power solution for campervans and off-grid houses. Each Power Kit contains a 3600W inverter charger, MPPT charge controllers, an AC / DC distribution system and a modular lithium battery bank, from 2kW up to 15kW. For more information, read our article: EcoFlow Power Kits – should you buy this modular power solution?

    Power Hub – an all-in-one power centre

    The main component of each Power Kit is a Power Hub, which comprises 5 major components:

    • 3600W inverter charger
    • 2x MPPT charge controllers
    • DC-DC charger
    • Power distribution (busbars)

    The Power Hub is 300 x 480 x 140 mm and weighs 14kg.

    3600W inverter charger

    All EcoFlow Power Kits contain a powerful 3600W pure sine wave inverter charger. This can power appliances up to 3600W, such as:

    • Laptops & phone chargers
    • Speakers & projectors
    • Hairdryers
    • Induction hobs
    • eBike chargers
    • Air conditioning units

    The Power Kit’s pure sine wave inverter can power up to 3600W appliances at once, with any one appliance running at up to 2300W.

    If you are connected to AC power, the inverter charger will bypass the inverter and power your AC appliances directly from the grid power. Conversely, if your system is disconnected from mains power, the inverter will automatically kick in, ensuring that none of your appliances turn off, even briefly.

    The inverter charger allows you to recharge via shore power hookup. Simply plug into electric hookup at home or on a campsite and quickly recharge your battery power.

    Recharge times:

    • 2kW – 1.6 hours
    • 4kW – 1.6 hours
    • 5kW = 1.7 hours
    • 10kW = 3.3 hours
    • 15kW = 5 hours

    The Power Hub has a single 2400W AC outlet. Additionally, more AC appliances can be connected via the Smart Distribution Panel.

    AC / DC Smart Distribution Panel

    The EcoFlow Power Kit comes with an AC / DC Smart Distribution Panel. This is essentially a consumer unit and a 12V fuse board rolled into one. The Smart Distribution Panel allows you to connect up to 12 DC (12V) circuits and up to 6 AC (230V) circuits. Each AC circuit can be up to 10A, meaning each circuit can draw a maximum of 2300W.

    The AC / DC Smart Distribution panel is 211 x 353 x 99mm and weighs 2.6kg.

    Modular LiFePO4 lithium leisure battery

    The EcoFlow Power Kit connects to a modular 48V EcoFlow lithium ion phosphate (LiFePO4) leisure battery, available in 2kW and 5kW sizes. Up to 3 of each size battery can be connected to the Power Kit, creating a total maximum battery bank of 15kW. Please see below for equivalent battery bank sizes in Ah @ 12V:

    • 2kW = 167Ah @ 12V
    • 4kW = 333Ah @ 12V
    • 5kW = 417Ah @ 12V
    • 10kW = 833Ah @ 12V
    • 15kW = 1250Ah @ 12V

    The EcoFlow lithium modular batteries have a lifecycle of 3,000 cycles. After this point they will only deliver 80% of their total capacity.

    All of the EcoFlow lithium leisure batteries have a built-in heater, so you can recharge your batteries in any conditions. Lithium leisure batteries can be damaged if they are charged when temperatures drop below 0 degrees, so the heater will automatically turn on when the temperature drops to prevent this.

    The EcoFlow lithium battery packs also have an advanced BMS (battery management system). This regulates voltage, current and temperature in real-time to ensure safe and optimal performance.

    Battery specs:

    • 2kW battery – 284 x 348 x 198mm, 16.8kg
    • 5kW battery – 300 x 500 x 260mm, 41kg

    MPPT charge controllers

    The Power Kit has 3 built-in MPPT charge controllers, allowing you to recharge your system using 3 separate solar arrays. The charge controllers accept a maximum of 1600W each, so you can recharge your system with up to a whopping 4800W of solar power.

    Below we have included some average recharge times for each battery bank size, to give you an idea of a sensible solar array for each battery bank size. Please note – these is based on a sunny summer’s day.

    2kW battery

    • 200W solar array: 12hrs
    • 400W solar array: 6hrs

    4kW battery

    • 400W solar array: 12hrs
    • 800W solar array: 6hrs

    5kW battery

    • 400W solar array: 15hrs
    • 800W solar array: 7.5hrs

    10kW battery

    • 800W solar array: 15hrs
    • 1200W solar array: 10hrs

    15kW battery

    • 800W solar array: 22.5hrs
    • 1200W solar array: 15hrs
    • 1600W solar array: 11.3hrs

    EcoFlow solar panels – rigid, flexible or foldable

    Whether you want to mount a rigid or flexible panel to the roof of your van, or you want the versatility of foldable solar panels, there are plenty of options available. The following EcoFlow solar panel options are available:

    Alternatively, any solar panel can be used with the EcoFlow Power Kit. Simply connect the MC4 connectors to the MC4 adapter provided with the Power Kit to recharge your system. You just need to ensure that the total voltage of each solar array is less than 150V, and the total of each array is less than 1600W.

    Recharge while you drive – alternator charging

    The EcoFlow Power Kit has a built-in 60A DC-DC battery charger. So, as you’re driving, your system can recharge via your vehicle’s alternator.

    Recharge times:

    • 2kW – 3 hours
    • 4kW – 6 hours
    • 5kW = 7 hours
    • 10kW = 14 hours
    • 15kW = 21 hours

    Power Kit Console – full system monitoring

    Connect the Power Kit Console to your EcoFlow Power Kit to provide a full system monitoring hub. Monitor your power usage and control your system from a 7 inch touch screen. Alternatively, monitor your system remotely from your smart phone using the EcoFlow app.

    The touch screen is 113 x 205 x 22mm and weighs 0.5kg.

    What system is right for you?

    Not sure if the EcoFlow Power Kit is right for you? We can advise on your perfect system. Simply submit an enquiry via our free electrical design service and mention you’ve been looking at the EcoFlow Power Kits. Then, one of our off-grid engineers will be in touch about your system.

    Products that give back

    We are members of 1% for the Planet. This means that for every product purchased from Nohma, 1% of the total cost will be given to The Honnold Foundation, to provide solar power to underprivileged communities. If you want your electrical system to have more of a positive impact, purchasing your components from us at Nohma will mean you can give back as well as powering your off-grid system.

    Capacity (Wh)

    2000, 4000, 5000, 10000, 15000

    Power Kit Console

    Not included, Included

    Power Hub dimensions

    300 x 480 x 140mm

    Power Hub weight


    Inverter output


    AC input

    3000W / 13A max

    AC output

    6 AC outputs, 10A each

    DC output

    12 DC outputs

    AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel dimensions

    211 x 353 x 99mm

    AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel weight


    Power Kit Console dimensions

    113 x 205 x 22mm

    Power Kit Console weight


    Modular LiFePO4 battery - cycles

    3, 000 cycles to 80%

    Modular LiFePO4 battery - 2kW dimensions

    284 x 348 x 198mm

    Modular LiFePO4 battery - 2kW weight


    Modular LiFePO4 battery - 5kW dimensions

    300 x 500 x 260mm

    Modular LiFePO4 battery - 5kW weight


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