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  • Two black NDS Energy 105W Semi-Flexible Solar Panels - Front or Rear Junction Box with visible grid lines are positioned side by side on a white background.

NDS Energy 105W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel – Front or Rear Junction Box

From £269.35

NDS Energy 105W semi-flexible solar panel is part of the LightSolar series. These semi-flexible panels are optimised for compact form factor, durability, and performance.

  • 105W solar panel
  • Monocrystalline structure
  • Perfect for boats and campervans
  • Semi-flexible construction
  • Front and rear junction box options available

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From £269.35

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£2.69 of this purchase goes to planting trees and advancing access to solar energy 🌱
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    NDS Energy 105W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel – LSE105BF / LSE105BR

    The NDS Energy 105W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel is a 105W monocrystalline solar panel. The NDS Energy LightSolar panels are a ‘Glass & Frameless’ range of solar panels. They are designed for applications where weight, thickness and strength are key features. This 105W model is available with a front or rear junction box. The rear junction box option has a completely flat top surface, which is ideal for pop-top roofs, as it minimises clutter and cable tangles.

    The cells of these monocrystalline panels, with an efficiency of 18.75%, are embedded in a unique multilayer architecture. The top layer is a plastic polymer called ETFE, highly resistant to corrosion and weathering. The panel surface is always exposed to scratches from tree branches, hail, sharp surfaces or other accidental impacts. However, the NDS panels return to their ideal initial shape to capture the sun’s rays.

    There is a sheet of PCB in the lower part of the structure. This contains and dissipates the heat generated by the cells in the best possible way. Critically, this means that even in nautical applications, it’s possible to walk on the panel.

    Built with 7 layers, including the ETFE surface, the best surface in terms of efficiency and durability, and a PCB sheet that stiffens it, making it more robust and better at dissipating heat.

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    We are members of 1% for the Planet. This means that for every product purchased from Nohma, we will give 1% of the total cost to The Honnold Foundation. The Foundation provides solar power to underprivileged communities. If you want your electrical system to have more of a positive impact, purchasing your components from us at Nohma will mean you can give back as well as powering your off-grid system.
    Product SKU: LSE105BF / LSE105BR

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