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NDS Leisure Battery Charger 10A to 25A – 12V Mains Charger

From £120.86

NDS Power Charger Pro leisure battery chargers quickly, intelligently, and safely charge your leisure batteries from a mains power source.

  • 10, 15, 20, or 25A charging current
  • For use with 12V systems
  • Intelligently optimises charging and cares for battery health
  • Safety measures protect from overload, short circuit, reverse polarity, and over temperature
  • Integrated charge status indicator

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SKU: PFC0150-12CH10S, PFC0300-12CH15S, PFC0600-12CH20S, PFC0600-12CH25S Category:

From £120.86

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    NDS Power Charger Pro – 12V Leisure Battery Shore Hook-Up Charger – PFC0150-12CH10S, PFC0300-12CH15S, PFC0600-12CH20S, PFC0600-12CH25S

    The Power Charger Pro family of leisure battery chargers are professional-grade, efficient, reliable, and safe. Charge your leisure batteries directly from a mains socket in your home or from a shore hook-up when you’re out and about.

    Optimised charging for all battery types

    NDS leisure battery chargers all incorporate carefully designed electronics and top quality, professional components. This high build quality is what allows them to reliably operate at 91% efficiency, charging your batteries faster. The device allows you to select a charging regime depending on your battery type, whether lithium, AGM, gel, or flooded. The intelligent charger then selects a specific charging curve that matches the specific state of your batteries, using an advanced analysis algorithm. Charging happens in 5 distinct stages, including desulphation and absorption, ensuring a perfect charge and extending battery life.

    Safe and sound

    NDS design their inverters with the following safety features as standard:

    • Overload protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Over temperature protection

    With your charger safely and reliably powering your batteries back up, you can focus on what’s important. It’s another thing you won’t have to think about.

    Need more information? Looking for something else?

    For more information on shore hook-up and battery chargers, including details on the charging current you need for your batteries, check out our handy guide. Or, view our full range of battery chargers

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    We are members of 1% for the Planet. This means that for every product purchased from Nohma, we will give 1% of the total cost to The Honnold Foundation. The Foundation provides solar power to underprivileged communities. If you want your electrical system to have more of a positive impact, purchasing your components from us at Nohma will mean you can give back as well as powering your off-grid system.

    Product SKU: PFC0150-12CH10S, PFC0300-12CH15S, PFC0600-12CH20S, PFC0600-12CH25S

    Current (A)

    10, 15, 20, 25


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