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  • Black Pylontech US5000C 4.8kWh 48V lithium battery with two metal handles on each side, ports, and status indicators on the front.
  • Black Pylontech US5000C 4.8kWh 48V lithium battery with ports and indicators on the front panel, designed for energy storage.
  • Two stacked Pylontech US5000C 4.8kWh 48V lithium batteries with control panels, handles, and connection ports, against a white background.

Pylontech US5000C 4.8kWh 48V lithium battery

The Pylontech US5000C is a state-of-the-art lithium leisure battery from a well-established manufacturer. Boasting superior performance and resilience, backed up by a 10 year warranty, this battery is truly ‘install and forget’.

  • 4800Wh capacity
  • 95% depth of discharge
  • 6000 cycles guaranteed
  • 10 year warranty
  • Modular

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    Pylontech US5000C 4.8kWh 48V lithium battery

    The Pylontech US5000C is part of the new line of lithium batteries from experienced power storage manufacturer Pylontech. The manufacturer has abundant experience producing batteries for residential use, having supplied more than 4.5 GWh to over 500,000 users globally.

    High performance for years to come

    The Pylontech US5000C is built to last, no matter how hard you use it. The battery boasts a 95% depth of discharge, which means that up to 95% of its capacity can be discharged. Put another way, 95% of the battery’s capacity is usable. This sort of deep discharge can be a problem with other batteries – that’s not the case here. The Pylontech US5000C will perform reliably for a guaranteed 6000 cycles. Coupled with its 10 year warranty, this is a battery that you can install and never think about again. 

    Truly confidence-inspiring

    Pylontech monitor every stage of the manufacturing process for quality, giving their batteries a superior low failure rate and exceptionally high power density. Further, their batteries are exhaustively certified for safety. Completing the package is the compact size and minimal footprint, and the ability to daisy chain the batteries together for a truly modular energy storage system. High performance, safe, and user-friendly – the Pylontech US5000C will sit reliably at the heart of your electric system so you can focus on what’s most important.

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    Product SKU: US5000C

    Weight 39.7 kg
    Dimensions 44.2 × 42 × 16.1 cm


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    10 years

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