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  • roll of supasoft insulation bottle wool insulation for insulating campervans
  • SupaSoft Insulation - Thermafleece Polyester Recycled Bottle Wool - 50mm & 100mm
  • girl insulating a campervan conversion using supasoft insulation polyester recycled bottle wool

SupaSoft Insulation – Thermafleece Polyester Recycled Bottle Wool

(6 customer reviews)


SupaSoft Insulation is a Thermafleece Polyester recycled bottle wool that can be used to insulate your campervan. It has a good R-value to cost ratio, making it the perfect choice for van conversions. It’s also made from reycled bottles, making it a more sustainable choice.

  • Available in 50mm and 100mm thicknesses
  • 5m or 10m roll
  • Good R-value to cost ratio
  • Polyester loose fill insulation
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles

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In stock - 1-2 day dispatch

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    SupaSoft Insulation – Thermafleece Polyester Recycled Bottle Wool – 50mm & 100mm – PSS50390

    Thermafleece SupaSoft polyester insulation is the perfect choice for insulating your campervan conversion. It has a great R-value to cost ratio (R = 1.25), and it’s easy to pack into hard to reach areas. Either use it in combination with a PIR insulation board, or use it as your standalone insulation material.

    Polyester wool is also one of the lightest insulation materials available, making it a great choice for campervans where weight is at a premium. It is also totally safe to handle, making it a great alternative to rockwool and fibre-glass insulation.

    We used SupaSoft loose fill polyester wool in our own campervan conversion. If you’re not sure how to insulate your van, check out our article – Insulating a van conversion.

    Please note: the dimensions stated in the specifications for this product are the shipping dimensions for rolls of insulation. The unrolled dimensions will be as specified in the dropdown menu above.

    Key features of SupaSoft insulation

    • Good R-value to cost ratio
    • Polyester loose fill insulation
    • Lightweight insulation choice
    • Manufactured from 95% recycled PET (recycled plastic bottles)
    • Doesn’t absorb water

    SupaSoft insulation- use cases

    Thermafleece polyester insulation can be used as the main campervan insulation within walls, ceilings and door panels. Alternatively, it can be used as a secondary insulation material in conjunction with PIR insulation boards.


    SupaSoft insulation can reduce CO2 emissions by many tonnes over the lifetime of use. What’s more, SupaSoft insulation is made from recycled plastic bottles and has a recycled content of more than 95%.

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    We are members of 1% for the Planet. This means that for every product purchased from Nohma, 1% of the total cost will be given to The Honnold Foundation, to provide solar power to underprivileged communities. If you want your van conversion to have more of a positive impact, purchasing your components from us at Nohma will mean you can give something back.

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    Product SKU: PSS50390

    Weight 5 kg
    Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm
    Thermal conductivity

    0.040 W/mK


    Polyester (recycled bottle wool)

    Water Absorption (@100% RH)

    0% w/w

    Specific Heat Capacity

    1000 Jkg-1K-1

    Vapour Resistivity

    5 MN·s·g–1m–1

    Ignition Point






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    6 Reviews 5.00

    1. Martin

      Quality product received on time. Great service

    2. Susan O.

      The product is nice to work with, too soon to judge it’s effectiveness however the customer service is excellent and so is the climbing Van bible 👍

    3. Emily B.

      Fast delivery, good price for a great product

    4. Mike

      Good to handle and perfect for filling awkward spaces. Good service, delivered quickly. Used it in combination with other insulating materials, as advised by Climbing Van. Very impressed with the results so far, will know more next winter.

    5. Nick Chisholm

      dead easy to use and cost effective,

    6. Kerry Gibbons

      Fantastic insulation, thanks very much for keeping my van toasty warm 🙂

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