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  • A black USB-C adapter cable labeled "Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB-C (VE.Bus to USB-C)" with a blue sticker.
  • Black network adapter with USB-C connector and blue label on a white background, featuring Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB-C (VE.Bus to USB-C) for seamless VE.Bus to USB-C connectivity.

Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB-C (VE.Bus to USB-C)

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The MK3-USB-C allows the following products to connect to a computer for configuration and firmware updates: Multi, MultiGrid, MultiPlus, MultiPlus-II, Quattro, Inverter/Charger settings in ECOmulti, EasySolar, EasyPlus, and Inverters with a VE.Bus communication port.

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    This Interface MK3-USB (VE.Bus to USB-C) connects Victron’s VE Bus port to a USB-C connection for use with a PC or Mac. USB-C is found on recent models of PC’s and Macs and will eventually become a universal standard. If you need a USB-A (old style USB) version please see this USB-A version.
    Use the MK3-USB to connect the following products to a computer for configuration:

    • Multi
    • MultiGrid
    • MultiPlus
    • Quattro
    • Inverter (only models with a VE.Bus communication port)
    • ECOmulti
    • EasySolar
    • EasyPlus

    Product SKU: ASS030140030


    Victron Energy

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    5 Years

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