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Victron MultiPlus-II 24/3000 – 24V 3000VA Inverter/Charger – GX Version

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The Victron MultiPlus-II 24/3000 GX is a 24V 3000VA true sine wave inverter and sophisticated battery charger in one. It converts the 12V DC power from your leisure batteries to 230V AC power so you can power up to 3000VA of domestic appliances. Its dual AC input disconnect relays make it compliant with many grid code standards for feeding back to the grid. The GX version incorporates advanced device networking features for a fully integrated electrical system.

  • Suitable for 24V systems
  • Max constant power 3000VA off-grid
  • Pure sine wave inverter & battery charger in one
  • Charge your batteries at 70A when connected to hookup
  • GX version allows for smart communication with solar chargers, batteries, and other devices, as well as smartphone control of all features, and an LCD display

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    Victron Energy MultiPlus-II 24/3000 230V Inverter/Charger – GX Version – PMP242306000

    The Victron MultiPlus-II 24/3000 is a powerful true sine wave inverter and sophisticated battery charger in one. It converts 24V DC power from your leisure batteries to 230V AC power. This allows you to run up to 3000VA of domestic appliances when off-grid. When connected to hookup, mains power appliances will be powered directly from the hookup, and your leisure batteries will recharge. When you disconnect the hookup, the MultiPlus-II will automatically switch to powering any mains appliances from your leisure batteries.  This removes the need to manually switch power sources. The 24/3000 model allows you to charge your leisure batteries up to a current of 70A.

    Smart functionality

    An Inverter/Charger with device networking built-in, the MultiPlus-II GX communicates with a solar charger, batteries, and other devices to control a grid-connected, off-grid, or remote power installation. Capable of parallel operation for increased power output, or battery charge-rates, the MultiPlus-II GX can also be configured for three-phase supply. A host of advanced features – such as uninterrupted power supply, setting load limits, and supplementing limited grid-power availability with battery power – can all be controlled straight from your phone or smart device using the VictronConnect app (downloadable from the Play store on Android and the App Store on iOS).

    Victron MultiPlus-II 24/3000 inverter/charger – use case

    The Victron MultiPlus-II 24/3000 inverter/charger is suitable for off-grid electrical system applications, such as off-grid houses and cabins. It is suitable for anyone whose mains power appliances equal a total wattage of 3000VA or less. Additionally, the Victron MultiPlus-II is an inverter/charger, allowing you to charge the system via mains power when available.

    The MultiPlus-II also has a dual AC disconnect relay. Markedly, this is compliant with many grid code standards, making it a suitable option for feeding back to the grid.

    Pure sine wave inverter

    The Victron Energy MultiPlus-II contains a pure sine wave inverter. Pure sine wave inverters convert the 24V DC power from your leisure batteries and exactly reproduce the 230V AC waveform you would get from a household mains socket. This means that they can power any 230V appliances. Running from a quasi (modified) sine wave inverter can damage certain 230V appliances or cause them to not operate properly.

    Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)

    In the event of a grid failure, or when shore or generator power is disconnected, the inverter within the Multi is automatically activated and takes over the supply to the connected loads. This happens so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption.

    Remote monitoring and control

    Monitor and control your MultiPlus-II and system or systems’ locally (LAN) or remotely via the internet from anywhere in the world, using the free VRM app and free VRM portal website. Access can be from a phone, tablet, laptop or PC for multiple operating systems. There is no end to the level of control, via the required Color Control GX or Venus GX, from adjusting your MultiPlus-II to setting a Geofence for hire vehicles and more…

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    Products that give back

    We are members of 1% for the Planet. This means that for every product purchased from Nohma, we will give 1% of the total cost to The Honnold Foundation. The Foundation provides solar power to underprivileged communities. If you want your electrical system to have more of a positive impact, purchasing your components from us at Nohma will mean you can give back as well as powering your off-grid system.

    Product SKU: PMP242306000

    Weight 18 kg
    Dimensions 14.7 × 27.5 × 50.6 cm

    Victron Energy



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    5 years

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