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Adam, Technical Sales* Manager

Having worked in similar roles helping people find the perfect products to custom design the van of their dreams, and in the midst of building the ultimate shed, Adam is an engineer who joined Nohma to lead the technical team.

Adam grew up in West Sussex but soon relocated to the south west and is possibly the least nomadic of the team, currently living on solid ground in a picturesque cottage in Cornwall with his wife, Alice, and fox terrier, Frank. However, this has luckily not limited any opportunities for adventurous engineering on his part though, having spent the last 6 years (and counting) lovingly renovating every aspect of their home. Often facing problems such as rewiring some interesting (read: dodgy and/or ancient) electrics, battling his way through 2ft thick stone walls and braving an occasional visit indoors from the local wildlife.

His background is in marine engineering, having studied at the University of Plymouth, yet his interest in the way all things work goes back far further than this. Recently delving into the depths of his Mum’s loft, he found robots he’d programmed as a child, elaborate architectural drawings of ships, and many remnants from experiments taking things apart and putting them back together.

As a teenager, Adam’s creativity and desire for a challenge also led him to buying his first significant mode of transport – shying away from the norm of finding a car, and instead purchasing a 22ft Hurley sailing yacht which he then spent months (or in fact, years) restoring and converting. Since then, much to the delight of his wife, he has found more use out of cars and vans!

Having left university with a thirst for travel and a fear of being suckered into a 9-5 desk job, Adam was lured to Turkey where he spent a few sunny months as an engineer of flotilla yachts, returning and landing himself a job as an engineer on somewhat rather bigger boats used as training platforms for The Navy and Royal Marines. His friends joke that his role could be summarised as a “professional pirate”, mostly due to a lot of the training exercises they facilitated being anti-piracy, but also from his tales of hiding in bilges and throwing trainees overboard. Planned and on purpose, of course!

More recently, Adam has worked for a company who supply a huge variety of products used for small bespoke off-grid installations, specifically focusing on renewable energy and battery storage. This has come in very useful during his current major renovation project when he was required to remove the slowly increasing piles of tools from the living room and create somewhere more substantial to house them. That, and finally keep the dust and sawdust out of the house! Meet “the mega-shed”.

Joining people on their van conversion journey is really rewarding, getting to be part of their project and help to make it achievable. Working flexibly not only means that I get a fantastic balance in my working life, it means I can be there for people when needed, because who converts their van 9-5?

Adam Husband, Technical Sales* Manager

Designing and building the entire structure from scratch, Adam has created a workshop of his dreams at the bottom of the garden, complete with a veranda, loft storage, slate roof, solar panels with full battery system to keep him off-grid, and a repurposed second-hand kitchen. This has given him the opportunity to hone his skills in a multitude of ways including concrete, woodwork, plumbing, plastering and roofing, not to mention electrics. With both environmental and economic sustainability in mind, Adam has found innovative ways to save energy, reduce waste and reuse anything he can.

Adam’s other big passions in life are food and wine, often being found in the kitchen, cooking up elaborate dinners and treating each travel adventure as a gastronomical exploration into different cuisines. In his role as Technical Sales* Manager at Nomadic Energy, Adam is not your typical sales guy (unlike his grandad who sold biscuits, and his Dad who is a salesman in the pet food industry). He loves nothing more than finding solutions to unusual mechanical and electrical enquiries, and finding the perfect system for each individual design and usage.

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