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Becky, Ops Assistant

Becky is a lover of travel, exploration, and cats, who is our Operations Assistant. Currently ‘between vans’, she and her partner Millie are working on their new home with the help of their two cats: Missy and Buzz.

At the age of 6, Becky’s family decided to make the move from city life to the countryside, moving to a small town in Wiltshire and cementing her love for the outdoors. Growing up, she could be found adventuring with her two older sisters and the family dog or on long breaks in the family caravan. Becky’s dad’s love for adventure was soon passed on to her, and as soon as she finished her A-Levels, she set off backpacking around Europe with some friends. With a shared love of history, they spent time visiting many European cities taking in the rich past they had to offer, from the notorious Budapest springs to Prague Castle.

Feeling satisfied she had ticked off the travel bug, Becky headed off to university in Swansea, but it wasn’t long before the Gower had reminded her that there was so much more to explore. After earning herself a first class honours degree, Becky returned home and, along with her partner, Millie, decided to convert a Citroen Relay into a home on wheels for a 6 month trip around Europe. With no prior experience and a love for learning and planning, Becky spent months of her time researching and understanding what was required to travel and live off-grid in Europe. Their main priority when building the van was the ability to be self-sufficient so they could have the luxury of staying in remote places off the beaten track. After 7 months working as a postal worker by day and a van converter during evenings and weekends, Becky and Millie headed to Europe and spent their time hiking in the Alps and paddleboarding and snorkelling in the many lakes and oceans along the way. 

Again, convinced the travel bug was over, Becky returned home in September 2022 and found herself in a corporate role, working 9-5 for a company specialising in LED display screens. Her time working in operations reinforced her love for all things organisation, as well as reminding her of how fulfilled she felt being on the tools whilst working with the engineering team to install bespoke LED screens for Chelsea FC. As enjoyable as it was, it didn’t take long before Becky realised the limitations that came with working a 9-5.

Now accepting that the travel bug is simply not going anywhere, she and Millie are selling the trusty Citroen to build themselves a new home more suited to full time living and travelling with their two cats Missy and Buzz.

Having the freedom to build and soon travel in my van whilst working for Nohma and helping others on their journey to experience that same freedom is really special.

Becky Quinton, Ops Assistant

50% of Becky’s time whilst travelling is spent on the hunt for cats to say “Hi!” to. She has an album dedicated to pictures of cats she’s met whilst on the road! If she’s not on the hunt for cats or with her head in a book, Becky can be found trying out new activities as she believes you have to try everything once. Recently, that’s been indoor climbing and surfing in Fuerteventura.

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